Hayfield Family Collection embrace the principles of Sustainable Tourism. In all our actions we consider how to balance the development needs of the present without compromising the welfare of future generations. Our collection of hotels, which encompasses Great Southern Killarney, Hayfield Manor and Killarney Royal, are fully committed to conducting business in a manner which minimises environmental risk and adverse effects on the environment in which each of our hotels operate. Hayfield Family Collection strives to continually improve environmental performance through the following associations and practices which we have implemented throughout our hotels; 

•Members of Green Hospitality Ireland
•Member of Killarney Hotels Sustainability Group
•Member of Killarney Tidy Towns
•Members of REPAK- packaging recycling scheme including recycling of paper, cardboard, cans, glass, light bulbs, batteries
•In-house green teams at each hotel- proactively working on implementing new sustainable practices
•100% green electricity
•LED lighting
•Vegware cups at the beautique spa which are made from sustainably-sourced paper and lined with plant-based PLA. 
•Purchase from local suppliers to reduce carbon footprint and support local economy
•Maintain the gardens surrounding Great Southern & Hayfield Manor for the enjoyment of our guests and the community
•Grow a range of herbs and vegetables onsite in Great Southern’ s polytunnel
•In association with the IHF, we support the pledge on plastic packaging waste which involves avoiding single use packaging and implementing the use of reusable packaging and storage where possible. We also minimise paper usage. Our marketing department also minimise the use of printed materials and any printing that is done for marketing purposes is done on uncoated board which is biodegradable and compostable
•Electric car charging points for guest use
•Compostable takeaway coffee cups and lids

Through communication and training, our employees and contractors will be encouraged and assisted to enhance their awareness of the impact that each and every one of us have upon fragile environment in which we co-exist.

Social Corporate Responsibility: 

The Hayfield Family Collection is committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community. As outlined above, we adopt practices that reduces energy usage and waste in order to create a cleaner, safer place to live and work. We aim to do this through the implementation of the highest standards of environmental practice. We are also committed to investing in the communities where we do business and take care of people and places. We have an active charity program and we financially support qualifying charities and we also support through regularly sponsorship of events and through the provision of services. We are integrated into our community and are committed to making a positive impact. We are members of Killarney Chamber and Killarney Convention Bureau.  Great Southern Killarney is part of the Tidy Towns initiative in which team members dedicate time to maintaining a clean and safe environment in Killarney and enhancing the beauty of the town. We realise that our actions have reactions and we aim to collectively act responsibly and contribute to the sustainable development of the community in which we operate. We are responsible for equality in the workplace. Our system of recruitment, participation and professional development ensures equal opportunities. We implement measures to ensure a good working environment and we respect and value all of our colleagues. Our company values are to be Honourable, Exceptional and Personal and we aim to exhibit those values in all our interactions with our guests, our partners, our employees, our communities and we aim to be a CSR leader within our industry.  

Hayfield Family Collection