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Become a Wellness Warrior in aid of charity; DEBRA Ireland at Hayfield Manor on Sunday 20th January 2019

This half day event will commence with a healthful Hayfield Manorbreakfast, followed by yoga session with Jean Noonan of Anam Solas Yoga,mindfulness and meditation with Michelle Hardwick of Release Peace, andfinishing with a pilates session with Julette Jones of Flex In The City. Thisfeel-fabulous event is being offered by all collaborating sponsors as a fun andactive way to kick start the New Year with positive intentions and actions.

This health & wellness retreat is the second in a series ofevents that have undertaken by Karen Fleming and Emma Kenneally to raise bothfunds and awareness for DEBRA Ireland. All proceeds will go towards Karen &Emma’s imminent expedition this March, when they take on a notoriouslydifficult challenge through the Arctic Circle to raise vital funds for Irishpatients suffering with the debilitating effects of Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Speaking about the upcoming event, Karen Fleming stated, “Emma andI have been humbled greatly by the suffering that we have witnessed from patientsliving with EB. We believe that this wellness event, in addition to raisingvital funds for the care of EB patients, is also an especially positive way ofusing our minds and bodies in order to honour those suffering from EB. We arevery much looking forward to welcoming the wellness warriors of Cork toHayfield Manor for this uplifting and inspiring event.”

Tickets for this half day ‘Health & Happiness’ event areavailable for purchase via Eventbrite at a cost of €59pp plus booking fees.



Debra Ireland supports 300 people in Ireland living with thehugely distressing butterfly skin condition EB (epidermolysis bullosa), thatcauses the skin, both inside and out, to blister and wound at the slightesttouch. There is no known cure for EB and the only treatment is constant painfulbandaging of the skin.

With the support of their respective companies, Emma and Karenwill join a 20 strong group of Irish businesswomen as they set off next March toconquer the Arctic in a survival challenge involving a five-day trek 150 kmnorth of the Arctic Circle.

Following two days training in outdoor survival skills, the groupwill trek into Finland's Yllas national park, where they will camp outdoorsovernight in temperatures as low as minus 27 degrees celsius.

Of their mission plans, Karen Fleming stated, "Whileundertaking the training, the fundraising and ultimately this formidable trekis daunting for both of us, it is nothing in comparison to the survivalchallenges overcome daily by those living with EB and by those caring for them’.

Emma Kenneally concurred stating that “We were inspired to hear firsthand from Liz Collins, mother of 13 year-old Claudia who suffers from a severeform of EB, just how vital the funds raised by Debra Ireland are to all the familieswho are coping with EB and battling bandages on a daily basis”.

Emma, Karen & their fellow businesswomen taking part in theArctic Challenge each have a remit to raise a minimum of €5,500. To this end,Emma and Karen have a number of fundraising initiatives on the horizon, thefirst of which, a screening of Christmas movie ‘Elf’ took place on the 16thof December at Great Southern Killarney, sponsored by the Hayfield FamilyCollection which also incorporates Hayfield Manor in Cork, Great SouthernKillarney and Killarney Royal hotels.